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Young people prefer to buy instead of rent in Barcelona

Although some say young people should rent instead of buy, surveys say otherwise. The idea that renting saves money makes no sense and only seems to want to control young people by making them more dependent. Let's take a look at the housing market: Rent or Buy? Almost half of young people want to buy a house. If we look by age,...


Barcelona is positioned as a global destination for the purchase of luxury homes

The luxury real estate market in Spain is on fire! Did you know that high-end property transactions have skyrocketed in recent years? And is not for less! It is estimated that by 2024, operations could grow up to 40% more! And who is leading this wave of investments? The Americans take the cake! But guess which cities are the most coveted?...


Is it a good idea to buy apartments in Barcelona to rent?

Of course yes! In Barcelona, with the whole stock market thing being so unstable, the housing market is like hotcakes. Right now, people see houses as a safe haven to put their money, especially here in Barcelona, where rental prices do not stop rising. And you know what, there are more foreigners and students willing to pay extra for a place...


Why is housing in Spain rising while it calms down in Europe?

In Spain, house prices are on fire, unlike in other eurozone countries that are already feeling the chill of the slowdown. What's going on? It's not that easy to understand, but you have to take a look at a lot of things that are happening at the same time to understand why Spain is going to its guns in this. In September, house...


The sale of luxury homes will skyrocket in 2024

Real estate agencies specialized in the high-end housing segment have reported an impressive growth of 43% in luxury property transactions last year 2023, consolidating themselves as the epicenter of the real estate market in 2024. This trend, which had already experienced a increase of 175% in 2023 compared to the last three years, reflects...


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