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14 Jun 2022 

Apartments for rent in Barcelona – Monthly Report Prices May 2022

Rents in the city of Barcelona in May suffered the most significant increase in all of Spain, reaching an average price of €17.83/m². According to the monthly rental price report on flats.com, the standard flat in Catalonia registered an average price of €11.79/m2 in May 2022, which represented a monthly increase of 1.99%....

16 May 2022 

Quarterly report of sale prices in Barcelona - March 2022

According to the quarterly report on sales prices, second-hand housing in Catalonia in March 2022 had an average price of €2,527/m2. This figure represented a rise of 0.12% compared to the month of December 2021. Year-on-year, there was a 2.38% rebound. Monthly, it was revalued by 0.22%, the second least pronounced increase at the national...

24 Mar 2022 

Renovate your apartment or house, you will enjoy it and also you will not lose value

These last two years have probably been the most atypical of our lives. The extraordinary and uncertain situation that we are experiencing redefined what we understood by “security” and led to changes in our daily routines, habits and lifestyle. After confinement and the implementation of the 'new normality' - which is here...

18 Feb 2022 

Sale of luxury houses in Barcelona: more visits and more time in the portfolio

The sale of luxury homes in Barcelona is adapting to the current post-covid situation after enduring a market slowdown of around 50% at the height of the pandemic. The interest in buying luxury homes in Barcelona has not waned, but now assets are compared more and it takes a little longer to close the operation, from five to eight months, and...

17 Jan 2022 

Trends in construction and architecture in 2022

Reports from the construction sector endorse a firm commitment to the use of sustainable materials, to introduce the circular economy in construction processes and more importance will be given to 3D printing. Likewise, industrialized construction will gain momentum and the design of the exterior facade of the buildings will play an important...

10 Jan 2022 

Annual report of sale prices in Barcelona - December 2021

An atypical year is ending, which has served to put housing back at the center of real estate activity, consolidating its strength within the financial market. The increase in the granting of mortgages and the volume of sale and purchase transactions generated throughout these twelve months has made it clear that the residential segment...

26 Oct 2021 

The sale of luxury homes in Barcelona increases after the pandemic

The pandemic has driven Barcelona into the luxury real estate market. After a few months of sales paralysis due to confinement, the recovery is being faster than anyone could have predicted in the first months of last year. The recovery has been produced partly by the sales that could not be closed last year and on the other hand by the...

18 Oct 2021 

The international client the most interested in buying luxury homes in Barcelona

The Ciudad Condal occupies the fourth place with 11% of searches to buy luxury homes in Barcelona by foreigners and who have a budget of more than 1 million euros. Visits from the USA are the most frequent (14%), followed by Germany (9%), the United Kingdom (9%), France (9%) and the Netherlands (5%). International interest in luxury homes...


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