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Sale of luxury houses in Barcelona: more visits and more time in the portfolio


Sale of luxury houses in Barcelona: more visits and more time in the portfolio

The sale of luxury homes in Barcelona is adapting to the current post-covid situation after enduring a market slowdown of around 50% at the height of the pandemic. The interest in buying luxury homes in Barcelona has not waned, but now assets are compared more and it takes a little longer to close the operation, from five to eight months, and in turn the number of visits has tripled before taking the final purchase decision.

New behaviors in the process of buying and selling luxury homes in Barcelona

The current moment of uncertainty is not the best for business, between the economic crisis and the political lurches on both sides, it has not stabilized. However, the housing market has remained practically stable, with a logical drop in transactions due to the pandemic, but with a gradually positive evolution of prices, despite the situation, with slight increases at the end of 2021. And one One of the sectors that has endured the blow the most has been luxury housing.

However, changes are being seen in the process of buying and selling luxury homes. Now the time of sale has doubled, up to eight months on average, space that gives to triple the visits that are made before making the decision. Buyers now spend more time looking at houses and, above all, comparing much more than before with other similar properties. The marketing time is somewhat longer, but sales continue to be made when the product is good, at a reasonable price, and above all, it has offices to be able to telework, large terraces and green spaces.

There is a greater interest in luxury real estate. The national buyer has taken center stage, two years of savings have meant for some a large amount of liquidity in accounts, although international investors are returning to close operations after this period of cancellation of flights, in which they had no other way to do the properties by video. Another positive factor is the gradual reopening of all luxury hotels, a basic indicator to assume the full and rapid recovery of the real estate sector in Barcelona.

And it is that the houses around a million euros in reference locations are the ones that are behaving the best in the market. The low interest rates and the monetary stimuli that are being launched from the European Union for the recovery of the economies are channeling savings towards the real estate sector due to the lack of profitable investments in other assets once considered safe.

The forecasts for 2022 point to a growth in the price of transactions, recovering part of what was left during the worst phases of the confinement.


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