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The sale of luxury apartments in Barcelona does not understand crisis problems


The sale of luxury apartments in Barcelona does not understand crisis problems

The luxury residential segment in Barcelona is positioned as a driver of the rest of the market with increases that reach 43%.

The statement that the sale of luxury apartments in Barcelona does not involve a crisis may be due to several factors that have been observed in certain periods or contexts. However, it is important to keep in mind that the situation of the real estate market can change over time and be influenced by various economic and social factors.

Here are some possible reasons why the sale of luxury apartments in Barcelona could seem crisis-resistant at certain times:

Constant demand for exclusive properties: In some cities, especially high-end tourist destinations like Barcelona, the demand for luxury properties can be constant. High net worth individuals are looking to invest in exclusive properties in premium locations, which can create sustained demand.

Foreign investment: Barcelona, being a tourist and cosmopolitan city, can attract foreign investors looking for luxury properties as a form of investment or as a secondary residence. Foreign investment can sometimes act as a stabilizing factor in the luxury real estate market.

Economic stability of potential buyers: In certain periods, buyers of luxury properties may be less affected by economic crises due to their more solid financial position. This can help maintain demand in the luxury segment.

Shortage of supply: If the supply of luxury properties is limited, this can create a market more resistant to economic fluctuations. Shortages of supply can keep prices relatively stable, even in times of crisis.

Tourist and cultural attraction of Barcelona: The city of Barcelona has a significant cultural, tourist and architectural attraction, which can influence the demand for luxury properties. Sustained demand due to the city's popularity may contribute to the apparent resilience of the luxury market.

It is important to note that these reasons do not guarantee immunity from future crises and that the real estate market can be affected by a variety of factors. The perception that the sale of luxury apartments does not involve a crisis must be analyzed based on the specific economic and social conditions at a given time.

The sale of luxury homes nationwide soars: more sales and rising prices

Purchase and sale operations rose 10% annually in the first half of 2023, according to the Report on the Spanish Real Estate Market. The text places Ibiza, Madrid, Malaga and Barcelona as four of the most dynamic luxury housing markets with a price above 2.5 million euros in the national geography. In the first three, transactions grew by 50% from one year to the next. And Barcelona as the fourth market with increases of 43%.

In areas such as Barcelona the increase reached 43%, while sales doubled on the Costa Brava.
The Maresme area recorded more modest figures, around 4%.
As for prices, in global terms, they grew by 41%.

According to the report, the first half of 2023 has closed with around 13,300 luxury homes for sale published in Spain, with a price of 2.5 million euros or more. These represent 2% of the total supply of 650,000 homes on the market.

In light of these results, the confidence and great purchasing power of buyers in the luxury segment of the market can be seen in this sector, who depend less on financing and can cope with rising interest rates. Buyers in the luxury sector are also less sensitive to price increases than buyers in other segments and are guided more by confidence in their investments than by price and financial issues.

The supply of luxury homes is highly concentrated in a few regions, with 97% of the supply spread across only 9 of the 50 provinces. The Andalusian province of Malaga, and specifically the town of Marbella, leads the coastal luxury segment, concentrating the largest supply of luxury homes for sale with 4,416, closely followed by the Balearic Islands with 4,327 and Madrid, further away, with 1,238.

According to the report, the luxury segment already represents 15% of the local market in the Balearic Islands, 9% in Malaga, 3% in Madrid and 2% in Barcelona.

Regarding the origin of luxury home buyers, the majority are from the European Union, although there is also a notable presence of investors from the United Kingdom, America and Asia. The decline in home purchases by buyers from Eastern countries (Soviet Union in particular) is accentuated.

Spain has an increasingly mature local luxury market and at the same time is a country capable of attracting new buyers from all over the world, thanks to its mild climate and its admired quality of life.


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