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Investment in housing as a safe haven, the growing trend


Investment in housing as a safe haven, the growing trend

The booming trend in 2021 is investment in housing as a safe haven. Low interest rates on financial products and the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 have benefited the real estate sector, where households and investors are betting on the purchase of real estate as long-term profitable assets.

Investment in housing as a safe haven, the growing trend

The purchase of real estate is presented as a safe, profitable and revaluable investment, which consolidates the idea of ​​the property as a safe haven; This trend attracts traditional profiles such as households and investors and young people, previously dedicated to the rental segment.

The COVID-19 crisis and the uncertainty it has generated has impacted the economic sector and the stock market, notably sending the interest rates of the different financial products down. This situation has benefited the Spanish real estate sector, where households and investors see housing as an attractive asset in which to invest with long-term profitability, thus consolidating investment in real estate at a safe haven value. In fact, real estate accounts for between 80 and 98% of family wealth in Spain.

"Investing in times of crisis is an idea far from the reality of many households, but if this investment is made on a real estate that will turn out to be the family home, the place to build a life project and which will pay off in the face of in the future, the financial effort in this regard is worth it ", highlights Anna Puigdevall, treasurer of FIABCI Spain and general director of the Association of Real Estate Agents of Catalonia (AIC). And it is that more and more families are betting on buying a home thinking about their children and the long-term profitability that these real estate offer.

Housing is therefore presented as a safe, recoverable and revaluable investment, and a known asset in which to invest in times of uncertainty. This trend does not seem to change in the future, as the health crisis has focused on the importance of housing. "In the midst of the crisis, we experienced a slowdown in demand due to uncertainty, but the progressive return to the new normal has increased sales operations, whether of households that see stability in the home, or of families looking for new spaces housing that meet your expectations, "says Anna Puigdevall.

Young people and 'millennials': the new buyer profiles

The health crisis has also attracted new profiles of buyers who until now had opted for the rental segment. These are young people and millennials, who are also the ones who have dealt with this crisis the worst and who have the most problems with access to housing. "Taking into account that interest rates are on the ground, young people are starting to see how they could make their money profitable against the rent, so that the monthly payments are not a lost fund but rather to obtain a property in property ", indicates Puigdevall. And is that Spain is a country of owners, with a rate of 1, 38 homes owned per household.

With regard to investors, housing migrations together with the need for liquidity of the owners generate good opportunities that make this profile also see the home as a safe value to invest in, acquiring second-hand properties for its rehabilitation and future implementation for rent. "This profile is defined as buyers with liquidity who know how to detect market opportunities and who see in the purchase of real estate an operation with which to revalue a home and obtain profitability from it in the future," says Puigdevall.
Source: Via Célere
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